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I recently completed a commercial office for a client. In doing so, I realized that there is a multitude to know about finishes for wood. I thought I would share some insight and information on this topic.

First off, there are a variety of sealants, stains, finishes, etc., to protect wood. None are exactly alike so don’t be fooled to think that you can start with one finish product and if you run out go back to a store to get more of the same, as they may not have it!

For example, Tung oil, a nice finishing oil that is easy to apply, leaves the wood in a similar color tone to what it was originally is not sold in supplies of more than a quart these days due to environmental issues.

There is a “wax” finish, which when applied has to be buffed to a very smooth glossy finish to really protect the surface. The brand I use most is Briwax, it has a bee wax base and goes on smoothly and without mess. http://www.briwax.com/index.html

There is a Danish Oil which goes on nicely, spreads smoothly, it dries fairly glossy, which if you like, is nice!

And of course, there are the usual polyurethanes that come in a multitude of finishes, Minwax makes a stain and sealer in one, which is a time saver. http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/one-step-stain-and-finishes/

How to Keep the Perfect Home

The other day a friend came over and said to me “How do you keep your house clean all the time?!”

I laughed. Then I pointed out that I have a three-year-old and there are only momentary points in any given day where there are no messes in my house. Generally there are Legos, Tonkas, and a variety of other big toys, and little, strewn from one end to the other!

She told me that every time she comes over, even unannounced, the house always looks orderly and put together.

Ahhh, I know why that is: because I have a place for everything I own. EVERYTHING. If I don’t have a place for it I know that the home God clearly did not want me to have it. That is why my house is always orderly. And, as a designer, I always bear this in mind when designing for a client. Does everything have a place? If no, do they need it? If yes, make a place for it!!

Let me ‘splain: I have a fetish for fabulous pitchers. Years ago I had the most beautiful pink Depression Glass pitcher with a very feminine shape and someone dropped it. Ever since I have been buying this one and that in hopes it will somehow make up for the broken one. Alas, it never does!

So I came to realize that the second to last pitcher I bought (which is a deep crimson, fat bottomed, round, dotted delight) at a yard sale was the last space I had in my pitcher cabinet… Sorrow owned me.

I then made an affirmation that IF I HAD to buy a new pitcher I would just have to give up an old one! Easy enough. Mostly.

In my mind, I have an inventory of my pitchers and I basically weigh the potential new candidate against the inventory. If it seems a good trade I take the plunge! And my house stays clutter free! I do this with most things in my house.

The great news is, my girlfriends’ have the joy of receiving my pitchers that have out grown the cabinet. Last week I gave away a celery toned Italian pitcher and my friend was in heaven because she could fill it with hydrangea! Oish – now I want it back!

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