People | May 21, 2010

Michelle Stafford Gives Us a Sneak Peek at Natalia’s Nursery!

John Paschal
John Paschal

Before Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford welcomed 5-month-old daughter Natalia Scout Lee into her Los Angeles home last December, she knew she wanted to give her the nursery of her dreams.

“I wanted the room to have a magical, fairy tale feel — complete with princesses and fairies,” revealed the actress.

So Stafford, 44, turned to her mother, artist Paulette Lee to bring it all to reality — and grandma more than delivered.

From the organic bedding to the vintage couch, we’ve got all the details on Natalia’s whimsical nursery.

John Paschal
John Paschal

The Crib

As soon as Michelle saw the Villa Bella Beloved crib by Karla Claus, she knew it was perfect for the room. “It’s a piece of art. And, she actually sleeps in it!” But the pièce de résistance is the beautiful crown backdrop created by Melinda Brownstone of Brownstone Designs. “We really wanted something to make the crib pop,” says Michelle.

The Paintings

Michelle knew she didn’t want a mural on the walls. “I didn’t want my daughter to paint over it later — that would kill me. I would be saying ‘No, no, that’s your grandmother’s!’” Instead, Paulette painted pictures of fairy princesses and adorned their frames with flowering vines and butterflies. This way, Natalia would have the option to update the art once she gets older.

John Paschal
John Paschal

The Fairy

To stay with the magical theme, Paulette recruited Jeanie Shackelford of Jeanie Shackelford Designs to create a fairy perched on the swing in the tree.

The Rocking Horse

It was the very first baby item Michelle purchased. She won it at a silent auction during a charity event four years ago and kept it in the closet as a wish for the future.

The Changing Table

Because of surgery on her back as a result of IVF treatments, Michelle wanted a tall changing table to accommodate her 5’8″ frame. “Picking up a baby from a low changing table and putting her in a crib wouldn’t be great for my back,” says the actress. She also wanted a wider surface for more storage space. To get the right fit, Michelle commissioned David Ayala for her custom-made piece.

John Paschal

The Stuffed Animals

From an oversize pink teddy bear to a mini lamb, Natalia’s more than covered in the plush toy department. “They’re all from my show mates and other very close friends,” shares Michelle.

John Paschal
John Paschal

The Sofa

The actress bought the vintage 1930′s piece at an antique store in Houston. “I thought it was such a great deal until I had to have it driven to LA from Houston, and then have it re-upholstered.” To give it a more personal touch, Michelle added a “Natalia” pillow that was a gift from her costar Joshua Morrow and his wife Tobe.

On Going Green

“I try to be as eco-friendly as I can,” confesses the actress. “Almost everything Natalia eats is organic.” Michelle’s green philosophy extends to the nursery too. All of the baskets on the changing table shelves are made of recycled newspaper. And the beautiful Martinek Bebe mattress and bedding are 100 percent organic.

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