These are a few of my favorite links…


Whitley Kros

I love the music on this site, the way the girls who started the line put so much thought into the line itself and let’s face it the clothes are fabulous!

Satine Boutique

This is a SUPER easy site to shop, which I L-O-V-E, because I am not a professional web navigator and when I want to buy something I want it NOW, NOW, NOW!!! Everything in this shop is on the pulse of fashion or just ahead of the game.  I can always be sure that if I buy something from Satine it isn’t going to be out of style for a long time!



This is a site that really pertains to Angelenos only. I discovered it while looking for a school for Tabitha, while navigating the site could be easier, once you find your way around, it is extremely informative! We found a great public school through the charter system that fit her needs!

Home Goods:

French General

I met the woman who owns this shop. There really isn’t anything more I can say than click, click, click! Every little thing in the shop makes me want to become a French citizen! It is divine.


Landis Farms

I can’t remember who referred me to this farm, but it sounded like such a great family experience I called to see what the seasons were like for the purpose of staying when it wasn’t hella cold. The farm and the B&B, are owner operated, who are darling – a great family trip!

San Giorgio

This is a great old hotel. The rooms are all unique in their own way and the hotel staff is beautiful. If you travel to Venice, Italy, it is worth seeing the hotel. They don’t have full services, like room service, which is a bummer, so if you like that don’t stay overnight, but see it!


Bottega Louie

Love, love, love this experience! This was one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles and now everyone seems to know about it! It is Paris, meets New York, meets Italy in a super posh upscale, but not too spendy atmosphere. I found it by sheer accident about 22 days after they opened and there was hardly a rush for lunch, now it is a well-worth-the-wait mob scene! They call you Mr. This or Mrs. That and the waiters are REAL waiters, like that is what they do! They are super service oriented. They have a spectacular market area that is quite inter-continental!

Mas Provencal

A well appointed restaurant tucked into a corner in Eze Village, France. The owner of the establishment is on site, day and night, he does all of the floral arrangements himself, and a talent he is! I think it’s only a matter of time before someone franchises this gold mine! The owner is an artist who created an environment that rivals the best restaurants in LA – hands down. If you are in the South of France a must eat restaurant!


I love this place! Whenever I am in New York I go for the food and the ambiance. The restaurant has become a staple in the Big Apple, my first experience with the restaurant was about 10 years ago and I still enjoy it just as much today.