Should it Stay or Should it Go Now…

I have been asked lately by clients “Do you think I should keep the ____ or should I throw it out?”

Well, first, I am a die hard believer in throwing out only actual TRASH, the old addage, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a mantra of mine. So, especially in these times, don’t can it, Goodwill it! The Goodwill, or Salvation Army not only helps to save the planet by recycling our used goods, but they also provide jobs for people who might otherwise be in the Welfare system.

I digress, so, here is the rule: If you don’t A. Love it B. Have a sentimental attachment to it or C. Need it for a specific purpose, get rid of it!

A kludgey house is a messy house.  Pare things down when possible, because if it doesn’t fall into one of the above categories it likely doesn’t contribute to your design aesthetic and therefore doesn’t need to be a part of your world.

If you have a piece that is a necessity in your life, but you don’t love it, do yourself a favor and add it to your “Dreality” binder (see blog #1) as an item you want to replace with something as useful, but more to your taste. Then, in your travels you can pick up something that is cost friendly and something you love!

Make Pretty Happen!

Melinda Brownstone

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  1. Unknown Education should include knowledge of what to do with it.

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